Holiday Cheese Boards

Serve a world-class cheese board at your Thanksgiving feast this year. Montealva: This goat’s milk treasure is cave-aged for nine months in the Caputo’s Cheese Cave by our house affineuse (pro cheese ager), Antonia Horne, ...

Beyond Chèvre: Montealva

Our Montealva, a goat cheese aged in our cheese cave, was featured in Wine Spectator. Catch it in the November issue! Our affineuse Antonia Horne describes the Montealva and some of our other ...

Chocolate Gift Collections

  As the holidays approach and days cool down to freezing, we’re settling into cozy sweaters and socks, sipping on warm beverages, and craving chocolate, of course! Whether it’s a ...

Latest News

Matt Caputo in Devour Utah

  Our very own Matt Caputo is making the media rounds. Most recently, he was quoted in Devour Utah, a new food-centric magazine in the Beehive State. Stay tuned to our blog to keep up with the Caputos!

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Latest additions of chocolates

We here at Caputo’s have one of the largest selections of fine chocolates around. But since you can never have too much of a good thing, we’re always looking to offer our customers more choices. We’re excited to include several new brands to our catalog. Take a moment to get to know them. Chocolate Naïve […]

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3rd Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival

Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, chocolate makers and founders of Dick Taylor Chocolate, will join premier local chefs for the 3rd Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival. Unearthly attention to detail in every aspect of their craft has made Dick Taylor the quickest growing fine chocolate producer in America. “Most brands that experience such an explosion in […]

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A Love Letter From Our Affineuse

Dearest Cheese Enthusiasts, It cannot be denied that at Caputo’s we get extremely excited about each Next Big Thing coming out of our Cheese Cave. If you come in often, you’ve witnessed our giddiness, but even if you’re not a regular, you’ve almost certainly been encouraged to taste our most recent object of flavorful fascination. […]

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Flashback: The Islands

It’s the season for all of my favorite things: farmer’s markets, Twilight concerts, sundresses, and vacations. I love them all and spend the other nine months of every year daydreaming about the joys of summer. I have an arsenal of new recipes to try as produce begins to appear at market booths, my Thursdays are […]

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Pok Pok Week: Black Pepper Strawberry Shortcakes

Guys, this is the one. If you make one thing I’ve ever posted, this should be it. If you want to gather summer up, squish it into a little, edible ball, and serve it to your friends and family, then this is just the ticket. It’s my ever-so-slightly updated strawberry shortcake. What is more summery […]

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Pok Pok Week: Honey Sauteed Watermelon

I have two very serious, guilt-ridden addictions: Vine and watermelon. Six seconds of video that guarantees a laugh 99% of the time? Yep, that’s for me. Vine’s about other people’s addiction to watermelon? Yep, also for me. Go have a peek at all the watermelon nonsense, but be warned, some have adult language. But really, […]

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Pok Pok Week: Speck and Apple Vinegar Potato Salad

This is my favorite time of year. The warm and cool days take turns teasing us toward summer and my closet is packed full of both sweaters and sundresses. One weekend is perfect for barbecuing and the next is a cold, rainy one. The uncertainty is a bit maddening, I admit, but the prospect of […]

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How to Give Mom a Break without Burning Down the Kitchen

We’ve all done it. Mother’s Day rolls around every May and some of us get the bright idea to serve her breakfast in bed. What’s that you made for her? Burned French toast and too-browned scrambled eggs? Right, well, cereal it is. I’m sure our mothers wouldn’t mind a nice bowl of Cheerios, it’s the […]

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Weekday Dinner on the Go: Ortiz Tuna Toasts

I often imagine that I will, someday, cook my family a full meal every evening. Someday. Certainly not today. Between my work here at Caputo’s that I love oh so much, the dabbling of water polo coaching later in the evenings, my own swimming, dog walking, house cleaning, tear wiping, there is little time left […]

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