April is for Taxes and Cravings

April, you love it or you hate it. I love it, and I love this month’s cravings. We kept it short and sweet for April since we’re all busy scrambling ...

Sweet Endings: Fennel Pollen and Honey Semifreddo

All good things must come to an end, even fennel pollen week. I had way too much experimenting with this special ingredient and we’ve been reaping the benefits all week ...

Keep It Simple: Fennel Pollen & Chevre Roasted Potatoes

Thursday dinners are always a simple meal for me. I’ve gotten over the hump of Wednesday, but it’s not quite the weekend. I love cooking for friends any chance I ...

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The Classic: Fennel Pollen and Pork

We’ve had so much fun trying new recipes out with our beloved fennel pollen in preparation for this week, but it’s time to touch on a classic recipe for today. There are few things in this world that love each other as much as pork and fennel do. It’s a lovely symbiotic relationship that enhances […]

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The World’s Greatest Wine Soaked Cheese

Wait, so Drunken Goat isn’t the world’s best wine soaked cheese? No, no it isn’t. The bar has been set a little bit higher, by one of Italy’s greatest cheese makers: Beppino Occelli. I had the great honor and pleasure of visiting their facilities in September of 2014, and what I saw was something I had […]

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The Sweet Side: Fennel Pollen Buttermilk Cake

I couldn’t give you a week of fennel pollen without throwing some sweet treats at you, now could I? Another reason I love fennel pollen is its ability to transcend the lines that often divide sweet and savory ingredients. It’s often easy to place an ingredient beneath the sweet or savory banner, but that is […]

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Festa Finocchio: Honey Glazed Carrots with Fennel Pollen

It’s here, the most exciting week for food to date has finally arrived. Matt and I share a serious love for fennel pollen, so we’re taking full advantage of that love and it’s taking over the blog this week. IT’S FENNEL POLLEN WEEK! We’ll be sharing a daily recipe all week using this addicting ingredient, […]

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Testun al Barolo: Sweet Inspiration

Caputo’s “centerfold” cheese for the month of March is sweet, savory Testun al Barolo, a cheese that dazzles both the eye and the palate. Testun al Barolo hails from Italy’s Piedmont, where cheese maker Beppino Occelli lovingly ages the mixed cow and goat’s milk cheese, then encases it in the “must” left from making Barolo […]

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March Madness- The Cravings

Guys, it’s already March! We’ve dabbled in spring, I pulled out a pair of shorts, and then I had to dig my snow boots out again. It’s been a crazy few weeks for us here at Caputo’s. We’re adding new brands of chocolate and delicious new treats to the cheese and charcuterie cases almost weekly. […]

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Raclette Grill Recipe

Hot on the heels of Matt’s plea for Moore bread, we thought we’d provide you with a step-by-step guide on recreating the raclette grill we had at our recent tasting.   Raclette grill Serves 4-6 2 pounds sliced Raclette, rinds removed if desired 1.5 pounds boiled fingerling potatoes 1 jar cornichons 1 jar pickled onions […]

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Moore Please

The other day I had fresh bread made by an incredibly talented friend, Ryan Moore of Moore Bread. He researched and developed yeast strains and milled his own flour. The bread was really quite shocking. I don’t know if it was that I had never had such good bread before or that it had been so long […]

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Because Cake.

I like pretty things. Pretty clothes, pretty flowers, pretty leather bags, and pretty food. I’m a total sucker for visuals. If it looks good, I’m interested. I think this may be why I ended up liking cooking and baking so much. It’s incredibly rewarding to create something with your own hands that is pretty, smells […]

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Meet Our Newest Addition: Greektown Blue

While my friends are getting excited about the newest additions to their families, I’m excited to announce the newest addition to our cheese cave family: Greektown Blue. She’s a beauty, with a healthy weight and clean bill of health. I’m going to stop the baby referencing now before things start to sound morbid. I mean, […]

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