Our Biggest Creminelli Salami Sale Ever!

Sometimes stores have sales that are mind-bogglingly fantastic. For a limited time, Caputo’s has entered the extreme realm of discounted salami. More specifically, the homegrown deli hero Cristiano Creminelli’s small format ...

Make This: Aglio E Olio with Creminelli Salumi

Creminelli Fine Meats are a staple in our meat counter for a reason. These precious pieces of meat gold are made in the Old World Italian style, hand-tied, and cured ...

From Italy to Utah: The Creminelli Salumi American Dream

There are a lot of Italian-American rockstars. Kids who at one point said, “Hey, I’ve got a real talent for this; I’m special; I’m beautiful.” To name some of my ...

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How I Fell in Love with Goaty Gose

At some point in every cheese lover’s life there comes a time when a specific cheese just speaks to them. For some it might be the buttery nuttiness of Manchego, for others the silky stink of Taleggio. Three years ago, as a young adult suffering severe whiplash from the hundreds of cheeses on display at […]

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#TBT Vegetale

Summertime as a kid is a magical time of year. Days were simple: camps, pools, adventures, and playtime. There was no better feeling than waking up knowing the desire’s of my childhood heart and my belly would be filled with fruits and snacks from my Nonna’s garden. My parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents lived in the same […]

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Chill Out: Luxardo Semifreddo

That point in the summer has arrived. IT’S TOO HOT. My legs stick to any surface I sit on, I’ve melted numerous lip balms and plastic cups left in my car, and I have to keep a close eye on my roommate’s air conditioning habits, that power isn’t gonna pay itself. Oppressive heat calls for icy […]

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July Cravings: Perfect Additions for Any Summer Occasion

The heat is upon us. Such a heat wave calls something to get us out of that stinky, sweaty funk and into the world of poolside icy drinks, patriotic fireworks, and memorable meals with friends. And of course, treats. We need treats. For our monthly Cravings, we’ve brought in some fantastic new products and somewhat of […]

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Make This: Red Leicester Popovers

Remember how I said I usually buy too much from the farmers markets on Saturdays? Yeah, I did it again. It all just looks too tasty, am I right?! I arrived home this week with an overstuffed canvas bag…or two. This week’s bounty included lots of different greens, blueberries, raspberries, figs, garlic scapes, hummus, peas, […]

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That Chocolate No One Can Pronounce

When you enter the downtown Caputo’s, the entrance splits one way toward our award-winning market and the other way towards our deli—likely with a long line of hungry lunch-goers. Right there in the middle lies our vast, beautiful, and inviting fine chocolate selection. It draws you in like a warm, chocolatey hug. We have a massive selection of […]

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Fireball Frittata, For Your Brunching Pleasure

We’re in the full swing of summer, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve opted for early Saturday mornings at the downtown farmer’s market in lieu of sleeping in, and it’s proven to be incredibly rewarding. I’ve missed seeing my favorite local farmer and purveyors of all things delicious since the winter market ended. For […]

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My Dad, Tony Caputo, Retires

I have always said that I love my job at Caputo’s. And I’ve always said that’s it’s because of my endless capacity to learn about and adore cheese, chocolate, and the Old World traditions we support. I certainly do feel a deep passion for all those things, but I think I was wrong about why I have […]

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Make This: Easiest Old Fashioned Ever

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the old man for raising you up right, teaching you how to throw a baseball, tie a tie, and, heck, tie one on. So set yourselves up on the front porch this Sunday, and let the guy tell a few tall tales with an Old Fashioned in hand. […]

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Thomas Keller’s Broccolini and Burrata Salad

Last week, we wrapped up our annual Classic Cookbook Cooking Class Series last week as part of our ongoing cooking classes here. I love this series because it gives me a chance to revisit some of my favorite cookbooks from some of the world’s most influential chefs. This year, we featured Marcella Hazan (because she’s […]

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