Caputo’s Online Goes National with a Blurb in the WSJ

Saturday, March 22nd, was like any other Saturday at Caputo’s. We’re often busier than the rest of the week, lots of customers were stocking up for fun dinner parties and ...

My Girl, Marcella

You know those bumper stickers everyone used to have in the late 1990s and early 2000s that said ‘Jesus is my homeboy’? I want one, but mine will say ‘Marcella ...

What is Caputo’s Whiskey Series, Anyway?

In the last year as I have been teaching my Series of Whiskey Tasting Classes for Caputo’s, some of the most commonly asked questions I encounter when I open the ...

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Cheese Flight, What’s That?

“Cheese Flight” is a term that may not be recognizable (yet) in our community, but hopefully I can shed some light on what’s going on here. It’s the same general concept as wine flights. A flight of wine can consist of a wide variety of parameters; it could be the same style- from several producers- or […]

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I suppose you forgot that I write about more than Kale? (Bourbon’s good too)

If so, I completely forgive you. I almost forgot that I wrote about more than that myself. but I do. As a matter of fact, I primarily write about whiskey, the water of life. The reason for this is that I primarily think about whiskey. Tonight, I am thinking about Ransom whiskey from Sheridan, Oregon. […]

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Roasted Vegetable Couscous

Sometimes after a night of “research” Read: drinking whisky and eating cheese (my job is miserable I know, but I survive) when the following evening rolls around you need to take a somewhat lighter approach. That is to say that no one can live like all the time, or more directly no one should and […]

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Show me the way to the next whiskey bar, oh don’t ask why

This is a complaint against my employers and co-workers that is so egregious I needed to air this dirty laundry in public for all to see. I finally made it to Copper Common, the new effort from some of the greatest food lovers in all of Salt Lake City, the same people who gave us […]

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Pot Traditions: Swiss Cheese Fondue

All kids have sensory memories around food. Maybe it’s the feel of paper popping along perforated lines and the taste of candy in an advent calendar. Maybe it’s the air against your face as you race to the ice cream truck in summer and the feel of cold ice cream dripping down a hot chin. […]

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Make This: Fennel Pollen Cake

If you love someone, feed them cake. But don’t feed them just any cake, make it an aromatic, olive oil based, crumbly fennel pollen cake. People either immediately begin drooling at the thought of this or cock their heads to the side my poor little dog, Tobert, in confusion. If you look like Tobert, let […]

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Big Blue Wrecking Crew and Whiskeydue!

As many of you know the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday hosted by a place close to my heart, the artist formerly known as the Meadowlands. This exciting occasion brings me back to 2011 when the underdog New York Giants, with Eli, the lesser if equally strange looking Manning brother, leading the Giants […]

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Make This: Burrata Lasagna

Lasagna: it may have originated in Emilia Romagna, it may have originated even earlier in Greece, or it could have even started out in 15th century England. Wherever it came from, it belongs in your life. The lack of rules associated with the creation lends me to describe it to friends as ‘almost an Italian […]

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Evan’s Cheese Musings: Chabrin

One of the things I come across the most frequently, working the line at Caputo’s Market, is describing a cheese by saying, “It’s a lovely goat’s milk…” and getting cut off because that’s as far as my customer allows me to go before they inform me, “they hate goat’s milk cheeses.” Passionately hate them it […]

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The 2014 Food Resolve

I’ve now had a few weeks to reflect on 2013 and use its lessons for a better, brighter, and tastier 2014. I followed the same process as all of you. I reveled in my best moments, cried over losses and tragedies, reflected on my successes and failures, and made my plans for 2014. I spent […]

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