Teen Chef Masters Premieres Oct. 3, Matt Caputo Hosts

Mark your calendars, folks. Beginning October 3, tune in to KSTU FOX 13 Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. for Salt Lake City’s own reality cooking TV show. And you’ll spot one ...

Meet Your Local Bitters Makers: Beehive Bitters and Bitters Lab

We have been thoroughly enjoying Bitters Week at Caputo’s—sharing our newest passion, talking about cocktails, and dabbling with these concoctions in the kitchen. And it all culminates with our Tasting ...

Cooking with Bitters: Peychaud’s Vinaigrette

If my friends have ever been to my house, I’ve likely fed them farro. It’s my go-to for sharing ,and it fits into almost any special dietary need. Plus, it’s delicious. I ...

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Cooking with Bitters: Chestnut Cardamom Tart

Some ingredients serve one perfect purpose. Not bitters. As the excitement over expertly crafted cocktails continues to skyrocket, a variety of bitters are slowly making their way into my home and kitchen. If there’s an open bottle of bitters lying around, you can bet I’ll start playing with it in my food. I’ve had a […]

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3 Absolute Must-Have Bitters for the Home Bar

You already know you must have bitters to make a proper drink. Even mid-level mixology is impossible without them. However, where most home bartenders go wrong is by choosing one bitters—generally Angostura—and thinking that one size fits all. You wouldn’t make a Manhattan with rum, so why would you try to make a Sazerac with […]

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Bitters 101

When introduced to the flavors, the history and, of course, the applications of bitters, we could not help but fall down this new rabbit hole. With the recent interest in craft cocktails, which has created a resurgence of bitters and an explosion in the number of brands producing them, it’s hard to imagine that, as of 2004, there […]

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Make This: Smothered Cabbage Soup

Holy cow, this was such a wet week for us in SLC! I’ve been cozied up in all my favorite sweaters and boots all week, and I’m so surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed the cool weather and rain puddles. I had spent last weekend and the beginning of this week preparing for our Eat Local […]

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Ask Matt Caputo: Clarification on Nitrates in Meat

“Ask Matt Caputo” is a new, ongoing feature where Matt answers commonly asked questions from the market. This week, he clarifies a few misconceptions about nitrates. Q: I’ve heard that I should avoid nitrates in food, but I noticed that some of Caputo’s meats don’t claim to be nitrate-free. Why not? Are nitrates really that bad for […]

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Back to School Cravings

It’s here: the last moments of summer. As we say goodbye to the sunshine-filled days of summer and welcome a new school year, we want to make sure to savor the flavors of the harvest season with the most delicious, new, and craveable treats from Caputo’s. Take a peek at our latest obsessions here: CHEESE: Mesa Feta Mesa […]

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Just Like Nonna Made: Fried Squash Blossoms

My favorite resurgent food theme from the last few years is what I like to call “grandma chic.” While food writers, bloggers, chefs, and amateur food enthusiasts will claim to march to beat of their own drum, we all love to follow and comment on the latest foodie trends. The trends of 2014 included: the Great Kale Revolution, […]

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Trust Your Cheese Monger: A Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement for all of you dedicated enjoyers of cheese out there. You see, I have been a cheese monger for a very long time. I love cheese, and not a day passes that I do not enjoy one of the 200 cheeses that I have at my disposal. And yes, before […]

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Tasty Tuesday: Watermelon & Halloumi Salad

The Tuesday Farmer’s Market at Pioneer Park is a much anticipated event for many. It signals the beginning of a bountiful harvest and the last weeks of summer. Tuesdays are a smaller, quieter, and food-focused version of the Downtown SLC Farmers Market on Saturdays. I can stroll listlessly through the handful of stalls in the early […]

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Coffee + Milk = Perfection, OmNom Style

It’s one of the original matches made in food heaven, and it’s a part of mornings all over the world. Coffee is the jumpstart to the day, a delicious welcome to the day ahead. Milk softens the blow of pure black coffee for some, and adds texture or flavor for others. Either way, we all […]

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