Meet Our Newest Addition: Greektown Blue

While my friends are getting excited about the newest additions to their families, I’m excited to announce the newest addition to our cheese cave family: Greektown Blue. She’s a beauty, ...

Q&A with Caputo’s: Comte or Gruyere?

Question: You had a cheese tasting in February of last year to compare Comte and Gruyere. Did you keep any notes? What did you decide? I am a Comte fan…so ...

February Cravings

See ya, January! It doesn’t feel like a whole month has gone by, January was a whirlwind for me. So we move from January to… April? The weather has been ...

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Moore Please

The other day I had fresh bread made by an incredibly talented friend, Ryan Moore of Moore Bread. He researched and developed yeast strains and milled his own flour. The bread was really quite shocking. I don’t know if it was that I had never had such good bread before or that it had been so long […]

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Because Cake.

I like pretty things. Pretty clothes, pretty flowers, pretty leather bags, and pretty food. I’m a total sucker for visuals. If it looks good, I’m interested. I think this may be why I ended up liking cooking and baking so much. It’s incredibly rewarding to create something with your own hands that is pretty, smells […]

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That’s Amore! Valentine’s on the Fly

Guys, it’s coming. You now have six days to find someone to love in time for the big day. It’s cheesy, sappy, silly, and I just can’t get enough of it! I love love, I love Valentine’s Day, and I love giving (and receiving) all the lovey-dovey little gifts. Need some inspiration? I’ve got your back. […]

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Pantry Arsenal: Bariani Early Harvest

Everyone has one, everyone needs it, the welcome January cleanse. Starting at Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s, the season is packed full of rich, fatty, decadent holiday food. We consume it happily and with gusto, but all good things must come to an end. By New Year’s Day, I just want a salad and water […]

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Current Craving: Turron

I know, I know. It’s January. We’re dieting and eating healthy and it’s soooo much fun. If you’re like me, you’ve had kale seven different ways already this week and your monthly quinoa intake may be nearing your body weight. It’s great to feel good again after the heaviness of the holidays, but I’m getting […]

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Matt Speaks at the Fine Chocolate Industry Association

Pam Williams, president of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, invited me to attend and speak at the 2015 Annual Winter Meeting held in San Francisco earlier this month. The audience consisted of major players in the national and international fine chocolate industry, including chocolate authorities, professionals, retailers, entrepreneurs, conservationists, media, and others. I was asked to […]

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New Year, New Cravings

If 2015 is going to be anything like 2014, I’m going to be excited about a lot of things going on at Caputo’s. Our chocolate selection drastically increased, our cheese cases abounded with new pastes and rinds, we found some amazing new meat and charcuterie choices, and, most importantly, CHEESE CAVE NUMBER TWO! See how […]

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Be My Early Valentine (Lesson Learned)

Just like the title reads, I’ve learned my lesson. No more last minute gifting for me! If I have to spend one more holiday eve crammed in line with all the other procrastinators, I’ll surely perish. I get to ease back in to gifting this year with what I believe is the easiest holiday for gifts, […]

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Inspiring Chocolate

It has been a long time since I have personally written a blog post. I wish I had more time, but with our recent growth I have been too buried to justify time to write. However, few things send jolt me to attention like two new chocolate bars from Chocolate Naïve — made in a […]

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Evan’s Cheese Musings: Harbison

One of the understated pleasures I have experienced in my years working for Caputo’s has been watching the gradual transformation and growth of our cheese selection to include some phenomenal domestic cheeses. Although we remain a Southern European specialty foods store, in my mind, cheese is one of the primary things that sets us apart. […]

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