A Love Letter From Our Affineuse

Dearest Cheese Enthusiasts, It cannot be denied that at Caputo’s we get extremely excited about each Next Big Thing coming out of our Cheese Cave. If you come in often, ...

Pok Pok Week: Black Pepper Strawberry Shortcakes

Guys, this is the one. If you make one thing I’ve ever posted, this should be it. If you want to gather summer up, squish it into a little, edible ...

Pok Pok Week: Speck and Apple Vinegar Potato Salad

This is my favorite time of year. The warm and cool days take turns teasing us toward summer and my closet is packed full of both sweaters and sundresses. One ...

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Flashback: The Islands

It’s the season for all of my favorite things: farmer’s markets, Twilight concerts, sundresses, and vacations. I love them all and spend the other nine months of every year daydreaming about the joys of summer. I have an arsenal of new recipes to try as produce begins to appear at market booths, my Thursdays are […]

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Pok Pok Week: Honey Sauteed Watermelon

I have two very serious, guilt-ridden addictions: Vine and watermelon. Six seconds of video that guarantees a laugh 99% of the time? Yep, that’s for me. Vine’s about other people’s addiction to watermelon? Yep, also for me. Go have a peek at all the watermelon nonsense, but be warned, some have adult language. But really, […]

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How to Give Mom a Break without Burning Down the Kitchen

We’ve all done it. Mother’s Day rolls around every May and some of us get the bright idea to serve her breakfast in bed. What’s that you made for her? Burned French toast and too-browned scrambled eggs? Right, well, cereal it is. I’m sure our mothers wouldn’t mind a nice bowl of Cheerios, it’s the […]

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Weekday Dinner on the Go: Ortiz Tuna Toasts

I often imagine that I will, someday, cook my family a full meal every evening. Someday. Certainly not today. Between my work here at Caputo’s that I love oh so much, the dabbling of water polo coaching later in the evenings, my own swimming, dog walking, house cleaning, tear wiping, there is little time left […]

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Eliconi with Mushroom sauce and Beowulf, combined somehow?

Occasionally, when writing for Caputo’s, I choose to highlight recipes I turn to after long nights researching different scotch whiskies and their pairings for a little, much needed, levity. This is not that kind of recipe. This is the recipe you need if you are preparing not recovering from such a night of research.This is […]

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Evan’s Malt of the Moment: Ardbeg 10 year

Part of really, truly learning to love something for what it is lies in overcoming biases and preconceptions that you never really knew you had. This was true for me as I grew into a connoisseur of Scotch Whisky. You see, I had always enjoyed the sweet honey of the Speyside’s, the floral heather of […]

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Cheese Flight, What’s That?

“Cheese Flight” is a term that may not be recognizable (yet) in our community, but hopefully I can shed some light on what’s going on here. It’s the same general concept as wine flights. A flight of wine can consist of a wide variety of parameters; it could be the same style- from several producers- or […]

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I suppose you forgot that I write about more than Kale? (Bourbon’s good too)

If so, I completely forgive you. I almost forgot that I wrote about more than that myself. but I do. As a matter of fact, I primarily write about whiskey, the water of life. The reason for this is that I primarily think about whiskey. Tonight, I am thinking about Ransom whiskey from Sheridan, Oregon. […]

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Caputo’s Online Goes National with a Blurb in the WSJ

Saturday, March 22nd, was like any other Saturday at Caputo’s. We’re often busier than the rest of the week, lots of customers were stocking up for fun dinner parties and cheese offerings for the coming weekend, and nothing seemed out of sorts in either the market or the deli. If you ventured downstairs into our […]

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My Girl, Marcella

You know those bumper stickers everyone used to have in the late 1990s and early 2000s that said ‘Jesus is my homeboy’? I want one, but mine will say ‘Marcella is my homegirl’. (No offense, Jesus, you’re still the man) Marcella Hazan embodies everything I could ever hope to become in the kitchen, well, in […]

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